Excellent Nonprofit Management Consulting

Your mission should be at the heart of your organization. Focus your efforts on building relationships, getting funding, and connecting with the community by maximizing your time. Indigo Associates offers exceptional nonprofit management consulting services and use comprehensive analysis to make recommendations for your specific needs. We can handle accounting and financial statements and provide accounting and bookkeeping support.

Accurate Reporting With Our Nonprofit Accounting Support

Running a nonprofit comes with a set of difficulties relating to accurate reporting of numbers. Solving them is essential for properly representing your organization and getting the funding you need from federal, state, and local sources.

Indigo Associates can keep track of your accounting and financial statements so you are always on top of your numbers. We prepare reports to let you know what you have to spend, what you owe, and if anyone owes you. Our nonprofit accounting support compiles, opens, and closes your income and cash flow statements and balance sheets.

Our staff has experience working with all levels of internal management and explaining the numbers to private or governmental funders. With our team on your side, you do not need to be an accounting or finance expert to run and grow your organization successfully.

Nonprofit Financial Analysis of Indicative Margins

Several financial margins are important for nonprofit organizations. Our team prepares these top financial health indicators, so you can thoroughly assess opportunities. We help you take a step back and evaluate your cause without emotion.

Nonprofit Financial Analysis Can Reveal:

Closing the Books' Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Statements

A nonprofit has an obligation to its stakeholders as public companies have to their shareholders. Our hands-on service can help you make educated business decisions and keep your investors informed on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Indigo Associates utilizes QuickBooks as the primary platform for recording your accounting numbers. This program is simple and is designed for those who are not accounting experts. You can simply select certain options and run reports at the click of a button.

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