Our Finance Management Company Gives Back

We believe every business has the opportunity to make a difference in its corner of the world. Whether the company is nonprofit or not, resources can still be diverted to efforts that benefit the community. Indigo Associates is a finance management and accounting services company that is proud to contribute to local communities. Our staff volunteers at various organizations throughout the community. From focusing on youth sports to serving as board members in arts-related groups, you will find our employees donating their time to an array of valuable programs.

The leaders of our company donate considerable amounts of time to youth sports including the Cape Ann Youth Hockey Organization, a middle school hockey team, and a high school hockey team. In addition, one of our leaders started an ice hockey program for young children with developmental disabilities. He raised funds from a number of sources so children ages 6 to 16 can now participate for free.

Join in on our efforts to better the community or contact us to learn more about the services our finance management company provides. We are proud to provide services to clients in Boston, Massachusetts, and in the Greater Boston area.