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Making business decisions based on financial statements and accounting reports is difficult when you cannot keep up with the numbers. Our team of dedicated professionals has experience working with a variety of organizations that need help understanding their finances. We also work on people’s accounting transactions. Indigo Associates is a company that provides services to small companies and nonprofits that need assistance maintaining and understanding their financial statements. Our financial management company in Boston, Massachusetts, started with the intent of handling the financial details in order to help our clients make the right business decisions. We have never strayed from this focus. Whether you are in a state of growth, maintenance, or even crisis, we get you the information you need quickly.

Mike English

Brendan Mullins
Business Manager

Senior Staff with More Than 30 Years of Experience

Our senior staff has more than 30 years of experience in the field of financial operations. As a very hands-on team, you will get to know us because of the one-on-one service you get from our team of professionals. When making recommendations to you or determining the right business decision for you to make, our senior staff relies on our experience and expertise. While we do not push you to make a choice, a team member will make a recommendation based on the numbers and our past experiences in similar situations.




Accounting Support Team that Cares About the Community

From the inception of our company, we always worked to maintain a commitment to our communities. Our employees donate their time to a range of programs they believe to be valuable to the community, with an emphasis on youth-oriented endeavors. From sports to arts-related groups, we care about where we live. One of the leaders of our company is actively involved in youth hockey. In addition to coaching, he has also started an ice hockey program for children aged 6 to 16 with developmental disabilities. After raising funds for the program, he is now able to offer this training for free to all participants.

Trust our company to help you when you are in need of the assistance of a financial management company. Contact us for more information about our customizable services. We are proud to provide finance management in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Greater Boston area.